Help For Heroes on the Sports Ground

Gus McLean, a military veteran of the Gulf War, has found a new vocation at the Royal High School Sport Hub, where he has been given the opportunity to do grounds work.

Gus, who suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, has taken to the role brilliantly. He has been mentored by Jim McFadyen, Head Groundsman of Royal High Corstorphine Cricket Club and the man responsible for creating this opportunity. Before meeting Jim, Gus didn’t know there were cricket clubs in Scotland.

As Jim points out, ‘Gus has been amazing. He is a brilliant mechanic. The thing is, this if your jeep breaks down in a war sure as hell need to know how to fix it and get yourself out of there.’

As Gus himself says, ‘You can’t do your old job in the army, but some people think you can’t do your old job out of the army. Not true.’

Working on the ground, helped Gus enter a world he is comfortable with and has boosted his confidence to such an extent that he is now very confident about his ability to work outdoors.

Gus, a very accomplished musician who played in his Regimental band states,

‘It is a common misunderstanding PTSD is confined to the horrors of war. It can equally apply to witnessing a terrible road accident. It is all about finding something that works for you.’

veterans posing on a john deer mowing machine

Note: This initiative was set up and organised through the UK wide organisation ‘Help for Heroes’. It is an active example of the ‘sport for change’ agenda. We would encourage all sports clubs in the City to start ‘thinking outside the box’ and create new and effective partnerships such as this.

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