Tackling The 'Dread'

The six weeks of summer holidays may be at an end but according to a survey by Lego UK: 47% of parents are worried about the costs of entertaining their children throughout the summer. Worse than this, 59% of mothers aged between 25-34 years old ‘dread’ the holiday season.

Little wonder then that the first draft of one of the Locality Plans in Edinburgh has cited ‘affordable holiday provision’ as one of the key local concerns.

Given that many week-long holiday camps cost in excess of a hundred pounds, we thought it was an opportune moment to shine a light on the ‘Multi Sports’ Camps which run at our school based sport hubs.

group of primary school children as a group with hands in the air

The ‘multi-sport’ format has been designed by our Sports Development Officers and by working in partnership with local sports clubs they have been able to offer a week’s camp for only fifty pounds – ten pounds a day. Over three hundred children have benefitted from this initiative so far in 2017. We leave the last word to these parents whose children took part in the camp at Forrester.

‘Both of my kids absolutely loved it. Great value and accessible for all’. Julie Krauth

‘Excellent value. I was able to sign up for the full week. I wish you could do this for my S1 kid’. Gillian Grigor

‘The structure and variation is really good. It is very good value. This is the first place to come for a camp’. Lisa Cockburn

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